Ark: Survival Evolved game-play review

So, I recently purchased the game Ark: Survival Evolved, and I have to say I am quite impressed after playing the game for countless hours. I figured it would be just like your typical dinosaur game, but I was truly wrong. One of the best things about Ark is that you truly get that experience that you are on a deserted island trying to survive.

Literally the possibilities are endless with the amount of content available. You can plant your own garden, build your base, tame some bad-ass animals, and EVEN fly a dinosaur!!!!!! I have to say one of the best things I like about the game is the vast amount of dinosaurs in the game. It literally has tons and tons of dinosaurs.

One of the best features about the game in my opinion is the base building. You can literally customize your base to however you want it. You have tons of decorations and stuff to put up all over your new home too! I mean who wants a base that isn’t decked out with dinosaurs and nick knacks?

Another thing I really like about the game is that I can literally play with all my friends no problem!! If I want to play on my PC, no problem, if I want to play on my computer, that isn’t an issue either!!!

Did I mention it has a extremely HUGE open world, and not to mention they have just recent released a new map that is called ” The Center”.

Just like any game that is new, it will come with its bugs and updates that need to be fixed, so just keep in mind when you are playing the game to know it is still very new. I think over time this game will evolve into something truly amazing!! Make sure you pick up the game today, and see what you are missing!!

Overall, I highly recommend the Ark: Survival Evolved, for it is a great game. You can literally do whatever you want in the game. Build a base, tame a dinosaur, travel the world, the possibilities are literally endless!