Play Clash Royale with an android emulator and you will transport The Google Play Award’s Best Game’ from the small screen of your mobile phone to the big screen of your desktop computer. Here you will find a far more immersive and satisfying gameplay experience and you will never have to worry about your battery running out mid-game again.

Clash Royale Release date

Released in 2016 by video game developer Supercell’, Clash Royale is a strategy game that actively combines the game genres of strategy, action and online gaming. It borrows elements from collectable card games, attack and defence and battle strategy games and allows you to compete against other players worldwide. Following the massive success of its predecessor Clash of Clans’ which amassed quite a following after its release, Supercell has now built on what they learned and have created in Clash Royale something altogether outstanding. Clash Royale is available for pc and you can check the tutorial


The aim of the game is to unlock rewards by earning chests and collecting and upgrading cards. Collect characters, spells, troops and defences. This collection will then become your battle deck which you use to defeat opponents by destroying their towers and winning their crowns. Rise through the ranks and progress through various arenas to get to the top. You will find all the characters that you know and love from Clash of Clans, as well as all the troops, spells and defences that you will be used to if you played the previous game. However, the manner in which all these things come together in Clash Royale is unprecedented. Regular updates mean that there is a continuous flow of new cards to collect and new characters as well as gameplay options and features. Some of these new features involve The ability to team up with friends, new events each week in which you can compete against a global Clash Royale community, the ability to unlock new arenas. There are new game modes too such as Duel where you duel real players worldwide and the game allows you to battle one versus one or two against two.In Clash Royale you can now even learn new tactics and better your own battle tactics by watching the new TV Royale.


This game has been developed for Android and so this card collection based player versus player battle game works perfectly well on the small screens for which it was designed with one of the few flaws of playing this way being that it can sometimes lead to (in more extreme cases) a degenerative battery life on your phone. However, you can now skip those worries by using an android emulator such as Bluestreak. By using an emulator you can now have all the immersive and furious fun you had on your phone on your desktop computer. With less cards available to build your deck (a few dozen as opposed to hundreds)and the new game being two distinct teams, it seems that Supercell has revisited their classic and given it a touch more playability. Well done guys. You can check how to play Clash Royale on pc in