Twitch Plays Battlegrounds is simultaneously one of the most brilliant, and most absurd, ideas I’ve encountered in a long time. As the name suggests, it enables a PUBG character to be controlled by an audience of Twitch viewers. But unlike other such efforts we’ve seen, such as Dark Souls or Punch Club, this one works entirely in real-time: Players enter commands in the chat to move, shoot, adjust the camera, and so forth, and the bot (with allowances for lag) responds immediately. “The vision behind this channel is one of curiosity, collaboration, and patience,” the channel’s welcome message explains. “The command list is a living document, being updated frequently to improve quality of life for you all. If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I am working on ways to reduce the latency between chat and stream, and make the user experience as smooth as possible. All with the ultimate goal in mind of sharing a chicken dinner

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